73 1/4"W x 64"IW x 77 1/2"OW x 10 3/8"H x 1 1/8"P Eyebrow Crosshead with Bottom Trim

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    Pediments have been popular for thousands of years. Originally used in Greece, they are a commonly used type of Classical architecture. Today they are commonly placed above doors and windows to give a home exterior a classic and distinctive look. Pediment basics Pediments are the portion of the trim that is located above the pilasters, which are the column like frames on the sides of windows and doors. Directly below the pediments though, between the pediment and the pilasters, is a crosshead or breastboard. The crosshead is the flatter, protruding section directly above the door. Pediments can be purchased by themselves or can come with a crosshead already attached. These Pediments are manufactured out of a high density urethane, which is made to resemble wood but without the deterioration like wood has. Urethane architectural supplies are resistant to damage such as cracking or rotting. They are usually cheaper than wood alternatives. Different styles for different homes When choosing window trim or door trim either during initial door or window installation or for a home improvement project, you should consider the style of your home or the style that you want to create for your home. Do you want simple, unadorned distinction, or intricately molded elegance? Pediments combin(more...)
    Weight 4.3100
    Material Urethane
    UPC Code 740227129985
    Width 73 ¼" (73.25 in.) or 1860.55 mm
    Overall Width 77 ½" (77.5 in.) or 1968.5 mm
    Inside Width 64" (64 in.) or 1625.6 mm
    Height 10 ⅜" (10.375 in.) or 263.53 mm
    Projection 1 ⅛" (1.125 in.) or 28.58 mm
    Key Feature Designer quality at mass-market prices
    Key Feature Low maintenance product manufactured from urethane
    Key Feature Primed white and ready to be painted
    Key Feature Easily paired with our crossheads
    Key Feature High density, lightweight product for simple installation
    Key Feature Resistant to weathering effects and insects
    Condition New
    UPC 0740227129985
    Brand Fypon, Ltd.