28 1/16"W x 28 1/16"H Inside, 3 1/2" Trim, 4F Round Louver Trim

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    Louver trim and accessories offer a decorative accent to your louvers. Trim can be found on any shape of louver, while keystones are typically added to semi-round, oval, and round louvers. Adding trim and accessories to your louvers give them a customized style. Function and decoration Louvers were originally used only for their functions. They allow light, air, and sound to pass through while affording some protection against rain, wind, and onlookers. Today they are used functionally and decoratively. Vent louvers now include screens to block out insects, and are often used in attics or other spaces in need of ventilation. Often, louvers are placed in upper areas of homes such as attics and gables only for decoration. Louvers to enhance your home exterior Whether you are using an architectural louver on your home exterior for its ventilation or decorative purposes, its style should compliment your home. Once you have decided on a shape of louver that will fit appropriately on your home exterior, you should consider if trim and accessories for the louver are right for you. Trim can help a louver blend in with the home, and accessories such as keystones can give a rounded louver a classic look and make it really make it stand out. Urethane louvers, trim and accessories are inex(more...)
    SKU RLV28X4F
    Weight 2.1300
    Material Urethane
    UPC Code 740227143455
    Width 28" (28 in.) or 711.2 mm
    Height 28" (28 in.) or 711.2 mm
    Projection 1" (1 in.) or 25.4 mm
    Key Feature Manufactured out of Urethane
    Key Feature An easy way to enhance the look of your home
    Key Feature Fully primed and ready for paint
    Key Feature Can withstand temperatures of up to 140°F
    Key Feature Lightweight and easy to install
    Key Feature Urethane is resistant to both water and insects
    Condition New
    UPC 0740227143455
    Brand Fypon, Ltd.